CSCP Certified in Logisitcs, Transportation, and Distribution


The investment includes participant materials, breakfast/lunch each day of class and the instructor led classroom time.
Note it does not include the module exam.

The investment for the program is:
Course – $2,300
Bundle – $2,650


• Primary processes, objectives, logistics, integration methods, and rewards
• Alignment of supply chain with corporate strategies
• Key considerations for planning, inventory control, and continued improvement
• Identification and management of market segments
• Demand forecasting and effective management techniques
• Effective customer relationship management (CRM)

• Sustainability practices in design and operation
• Measurement, responsiveness, operations, and communications
• Risk, its sources, impacts, and mitigation methods
• Globally dispersed supply and demand, and the effects on logistics
• Factors influencing demand, including design, marketing, selling, and matching customer orders
• Core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts, including strategies, technologies, and implementation challenges
• Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM), including strategies, improved source management, relevant technologies, and measurement
• Inventory planning and control methods

• Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency
• Managing supply from internal and external sources
• Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization, fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point-of-sale data
• Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement